A new knot from the inventor of the Fish-N-Fool knot

Hi Guys;
I have come up with a new line to line knot for tying braid to a mono leader. In all my tests so far it is superior to my old favorite the 5 turn uni to uni.
To tie it you wrap one line around the other 8 times fold both tags up and wrap them around each other another 8 times like you are making an 8 turn square knot. The ez way to do this is to wrap the leader around the braid on both the bottom and upper loops running it over the top of the braid. Like this;


The secret to tying this knot is not to wet it. If you wet it, it will slip out as you tighten it, but if you tighten it first it does not seem to burn the line at all and is very strong. Then it can get wet and it will not slip. The other thing that's important is to leave the tag ends long to you can pull both the tags and lines with equal pressure as it tightens. This knot is very clean once tyied and goes through the guides well. Tags can be trimed short with no problem.

Try it for yourself and see what you think.
So nobody tried this knot? nobody interested?
Works and it's nice & tight!

Works and it's nice & tight!

Oh yeah,I gave it a try. Very cool and fairly easy to tie. I figured while I'm being held prisoner by my oxygen tank 75% of the time,I might as well do something with my free time. Thanks for the latest knot,Fish-N-Fool! Much appreciated.
old basser
Will this know work well with Fluorocarbon and braided? Thanks.
Will give it a go - I dont use the braided line, but do end up with a buddy that uses it occasionally... report back in a bit.
I just tied one up, it was very easy to tie and I couldn't get it to break. I'll definitely be giving it a try.
Great for any fisher folk!
I know it's a tad late, but this is a super cool knot!
ONly 3 years;)
Big3d, better late then never. Thanks for resurrecting this post. I forgot all about it.
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