A great weekend at Gold Rey dam

the salmon kid
got a some big salmon this weekend at gold Rey dam from a raft using a kwikfish
one was 35 lbs 39 in and to prove its size i had my sister lie next to it,
the other two are 16 lbs and 18lbs they where all caught on a silver and green kwickfish
ha ha who says you need a fancy drift boat to salmon fish :D you can keep natives below gold Rey dam
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so you thought it was a native,,,,,man you need some discretion when keeping a native,,,,why dont u have pics from on the water,,,,its in your house,,,,,,i would hide a poached fish too if i was a poacher...
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Those are nice. I have not idea in the world how that last one could be a miss clip. Its a full intact adipose! If it was a miss clip then it was a complete miss clip, like they forgot.
Nice fish! what made you think it was a miss clip and ok to keep? where there marks like it didn't cut all the way or were you just keeping a native and somehow got luck that it was a miss clip. And like Steelhead stalkers it looks totally missed so in all reallity there is know way to tell so that makes it "wild" in my book.
Nice fish but you should probably make sure you know the regs. You make it sound like you were keepiing it regardless of it being a native and just happened to get checked with it. If I landed that fish I would not even assume it was a miss clip and release it due to the presence of an intact adipose.
Miss clip, really? More like no clip. Never should have kept that fish!
:naughty: Nice Native....:mad:
on another note you should fix the date on your camera.
I don't know why you edited the original post where you say you checked with the police and got the ok to keep the fish. I think you need to stop posting pictures of fish that you caught if they are either not legal in any sense of the word or if there is a question about the legality. The picture doesn't leave much to the imagination. It clearly shows a NON clipped fin. We pretty much go by the rules set forth by the state on this forum. You read the rules when you signed up,or at least you should have. I guarantee we are very intolerant when it comes to messing with our fish. Please make sure you are following the same rules we are.
pretty lame man, take a pic and throw the fish back. no need to keep it.
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