A better "shrimp fly"

If you watch any of the videos from the deep submersibles such as Hercules (EV Nautilus) or D2 (Ocean Explorer-NOAA), you quickly realize that when they pass through midwater on their way to the bottom, they pass through swarms of different critters, mostly lanternfish, but also squid, and lots of pelagic shrimp. So when thinking about long leader fishing in a couple of hundred feet of water, I thought maybe glow in the dark would help, the paddle tail gives them a little independent action, and...they look like shrimp...not some sort of cheap bucktail thing. Do they work better than classic shrimp flies...I don't know! I've only gone long leader fishing twice, and never used the classics. But do they work, yep. Yellowtail rockfish on my first ever long leader trip, and limit of widow and yellowtail rockfish on my second trip. Fun to try new things.
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Nice looking mess of fish. Time to get the filet knife out!
Casting Call
If it doesn't Uv or phosphorescent I won't fish it. I have a coffee can lined in black cloth, hit it with a black light, if it glows it GOs!!! All proteins have a glow if for species ID or attraction. Blacklight yourself. Study the phosphorescent world. Tony 10%er
Casting Call
Click on U-tube "Attenborough's Life that Glows" to understand Bioluminescent/phosphorescent properties. Tony !0%er
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