A beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Well,I got to the rest area on I-5 around 8:00 this morning. It's been quite a while since I've been there. I figured I would try since it's not far from home and lilsalmon hooked into one last week a bit up river. The water wasn't bad,a little OFF color. Like countless others say,if you're not losing gear,you're not deep enough...I was deep enough to loose 6 set-ups! Dang! Didn't see nor feel any fish. Just me and the graceful Heron who kept me company. Oh,and the nice young man in a dark blue uniform who sat and watched me for ten minutes. I finally walked up to his car and showed him my license. When I put it back in my pocket,he saw my "Black Banger" and just smiled at me. I've gotten one too many of those prickly heeby-jeeby feelings there in the past. Some weirdo's hang out there. Back home before lunch. :D
At least you had fun.
I was going to go there in the morning but now i am thinking greens bridge or back to stayton....anyone going to be around?
Hahaha black banger huh? I assume you mean your gun. :lol:
I'd kinda like to try some plunking up there sometime soon.
ill be headed up that way this sunday, puttin in at jefferson and motoring up, how bad is the river above greens bridge, i havent floated that in years and want to take the jet up it, ill have 1 or maybe 2 seats avaliable if anyone wants to go, just pitchin on gas
I might take ya up on that offer if its still available,,,,,,lilsalmon said the water looked good around greens bridge today......down at the stayton ramp theres a sign that says buell miller is impassable due to log jams,.
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