2020 ODFW stocking schedule


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Anyone else taken a look at the 2020 trout stocking schedule (specifically the Willamette Zone)? I have a few observations. Quite a number of stocking sites have no listings and I am hoping that the schedule is only partially complete. Perhaps the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers schedule hasn't been integrated yet?
For Example, Foster Reservoir has no listed stockings at all! Detroit and Green Peter have a huge number fewer than recent years. Sunnyside park pond seems to be massively OVERloaded! Anyone else have ant thoughts about the schedule?


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Wow. I've been following the stocking schedule for decades. I have NEVER seen ANY of it published this early in the year. So give it another month or two for updates IMO. December, January, or even February have been pretty typical. But it could even be later than that nowadays; since there is no longer a March opener.
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