2009 video of the year

that was some amazing stuff :shock::clap::shock::clap::shock: some of the coolest fishing footage i have ever seen im not much of a flyfisherman but that was amazing i favorited it on my youtube account :)
im gonna have to learn some mouse patterns,,,the best part is at 4:21
If you really like that video you have to check out Catch Magazine online at Catch Magazine - Fly Fishing Photography - Film - Video Some amazing pictures and videos of fly fishing. Makes you really wish you could drop everything, sell your house and fish with money as long as you can. I have gone through all the bask issues as well, it is amazing stuff.
hana pa'a
really nice video, and that catch magazine website has some amazing photographs as well.
reminds me of some topwater rat bass lures i saw a few months back definitely going to have to pick some up now:D
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