2 days on the Siletz

Well i spent 2 days learning the river last week. I was so sick of bank fishing on the salmon River that I decided that F it I'll just take my boat out on the siletz.
I saw a bunch of fish on the fish finder thursday, thought I had one, but it was just a floating branch, and pretty much got the hang of hangling my boat and fishing at the same time.
Friday I set out from the park like 7 miles up the road from kernville, and imediately ran into some coho. The rest of the day was dead exept for some trout.
I did get a good scope of that first portion of the river so I can know what is coming up when I go out next week. Any tips anyone could give would be much apreciated.
I've been trolling chartruce and cerice spinners a green and silver k15 and I have my bobber setup. I heard that tuna in oil works well on a kwickfish because of the scent in the oil lingering, anyone ever test it out? I know sardines, but I'm just thinking about trying it for shipoopies and giggles.
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That would be shirts and giggles...hehe...good luck. My cousin lives on the siletz and I am hoping to get over there and try out what she says used to be one of the sweetest holes on the river...they havent fished in a long long time.....


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Any kind of fish-type scent, on a kwikie, is a good bet...including tuna. You can also wrap strips of fish (sardine, herring, etc) onto the underside of them too (and even get them a good dose of oil).

This video, will give you a good idea of how to wrap it. There are plenty of other great videos, next to this one, on the side bar to the right.


Good luck!
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thanks for the links I had seen those before, but the real question is where can you find cheese cloth these days, especially in a po-dunk little town like Lincoln City.
Not at Ace, not at Jo-Ann fabrics, not at bi-mart. I think that should just about cover the stores in lincoln city, but I had already checked yesterday when I bought the tuna. Maybe some of that haloween web stuff. I think that has nasty chems in it though, and I always yap about having to pick up other peoples crap at rivers.
Also I came accross this while I was online last night. 4.Okay….good info and a question: Wobbler, bait or bobber?
Fishing the mouth of a coastal river, 2 hrs before low tide thru
2 hrs after. Would chinook more likely hit a Wobbler entering
an estuary? or live bait? or eggs from a bobber?
Hope you rack and stack this weekend.

Comment by Steve — August 26, 2011 @ 10:12 am

Hey Mr. Lynch! To answer your question….you would only use the wobbler on anchor during an outgoing tide in front of a river estuary in water that was significantly deeper than anything our coastal tribs have to offer. There are anglers who would troll a wobbler in front of an incoming free flowing river throughout a tide but most would opt for a spinner in such circumstances. For coastal chinook in the situation you’ve described you would most likely troll a herring in the salt portion of the confluence and post up with a bait of eggs and bobber in the tidal/river portion of the confluence. Good questions. Thanks a lot man. My best to you and Svet!

it was here http://allaroundangler.com/blog/2011/08/fish-reports/5-ws-wobbler-game but instead of a spinner, which didn't seem to do anything for them last time herring on a cone zone or a cut plug plug.