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Was 3/20 not 3/19 Well it was again slow at the pond. Seen 2 14" taken and around 7 to 10 regular size taken all day. I had a few bites here and there but couldn't catch the little buggers, Was ready to leave and tried by the dock one more time. caught three regulars, the camerans had fun all day eating regulars on the west side of the pond. Damn them cams.........
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by camerans, i think your referring to Cormorants ? Hope you had a good time out there.
grampa ron
People should bring radio controled boats to the pond. I'm sure it would spook out the cormorants.
what pond was this?
Well sounds like a fun day for early trouting.

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lol my bad Im out of it today disregard me!
It's called Juntion City Pond, three miles south of Juntion City Oregon. They stock it five or six months out of the year. And a couple of times a year they put bigger breeding trout in. Some people call them pellet heads and wouldn't be caught dead fishing for them, but I am a poor boy and can't afford to do much more. I have caught a lot of nice trout out of there that I wouldn't have caught. It's like when I rode Jap bikes while others wrode brit or american. Ya just do what you can to be happy.
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