11-30 Foggy morning

Air Temp at 8:00—36 Degrees
Water Temp—46 Degrees
Air Temp at 11:30—44 Degrees
Water Level—94.4 feet below full

What a beautifully morning! I got there just as the fog was lifting.
Very little wind and the fish was hitting hard and everywhere.

As I was putting in my boat I saw some surface action going on so I decided to try trolling with just a worm-no weight-about 30 feet behind the boat.
I went about 75 yards with no hits and just I thought about changing I caught my first Chinook.
A nice 12 inches.
After that it was blast!
I say around 30-40 percent of them came out of the water like a small silver rocket-going 3 to 4 feet in the air.
I stay until I ran out of worms-I only took a dozen with me.
I lost track of how many hits I got-I lost 6 when they took to the air.(Must stop staring at them)
I kept 3- 14 ½, 12, and one 11 inch that just got too greedy to release.

If you have not try LookOut - next sunny day try it.
Chinooks are hitting very good right now.
The rainbows are fat and tasty.
I know that they are there but I have never caught bass or crappie out of there during the winter.

Don't you wish that LookOut Point Lake had it very own forum?
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Sounds like a great day on the water. Thanks for the report.
A day like today makes me wish I had a house boat!
I could have stay all day.
Great Job Bro...

Nice pics


Lustrums ago i was thinkin' on buying a used houseboat out 9mile road on the CA Delta. It was 25', they wanted $14k. She needed some tlc, maintenance.
But i never did buy it....:rolleyes:

We used to catch a lot of stripers, catfish, sometimes sturgeon, around there though.

My dad works for the Corps of Engineers at lookout point and tells me that if a guy with good sonar and some time where to explore the lake he would never fish another lake again. There's been times when they do their fish survey's and get record sized bass, crappie, trout, and the occational walleye. They've got kokanee too. The fish your catching is the result of a successful experiment that the Corps is doing to improve the Salmon population in the Willamette river system. They found that smolts raised in reservoirs are significantly healthier that their hatchery raised cousins. Plan on having a chinnok and maybe steelhead run above Lookout Point, Detroit damm, and Cougar Damm by the year 2022, hell their going to be trucking returning fish to the head of Cougar resevoir next summer.

That is if we all survive 2012:lol::lol::lol:
My uncle has a house boat down in Catoosa OK.
Summer days was bass fishing and then at night cat fishing.
Down there any cat under 0 pounds was throw back in as being too small.
The biggest cat he ever caught was an 67 lb channel cat-the thing was a monster!!

Lookout Point is a great place to fish-the dang lake is so long it take a bit to learn it.
Lookout boat ramps?

Lookout boat ramps?

Where do you put in at Lookout? The ramps I've seen are high and dry this time of year.
Thanks for the report, Dan
Take the North Shore road (Lowell Side), go pass mile post 6 and put in at Signal point-it is almost always open-no dock but it is paved.
bd2cool said:
Take the North Shore road (Lowell Side), go pass mile post 6 and put in at Signal point-it is almost always open-no dock but it is paved.

No dock? Guess I better wear my rubber boots.:confused:Now I know why I hardly ever see a boat on it.
Why is Lookout Point treated like the ugly step-sister?
Thanks for the info, Dan
I wear my waders-ii does keep my feet dry.
The biggest problem with LookOut is the wind.
It is so long and narrow that it can get quite chopper up there.
But it is worth fishing for sure.
Beside if it is too windy I just hit Dexter or Fall Creek lake,

I been trolling down toward the dam on the north side and been doing great.

In the spring and summer I will go up stream toward Hampton landing.
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