101 Fish Day?!?

After work and lunch, I headed out to do some fishing around two o'clock. I had decided to do a loop that I regularly do: Little Butte Creek, Willow Lake, Big Butte Creek, and then Medco Pond.

When I landed two nice brookies at Little Butte Creek, I was happy. When I caught three perch at Willow, I was also happy. The cutthroat and rainbow at Big Butte Creek were nice bonuses, but when I got to Medco Pond at about 5, I had caught only seven fish. That was about to change in a big way.

Fishing for just shy of four hours, I walked about a quarter of the way around the pond, fishing all the time. I use a pitch counter to keep track of the fish I catch, and when it broke forty, I was exhilarated. My prior record was 57 fish in a day, so I vowed to break it.

About 30 minutes later, I did. And then I hit 60 fish. Then 70. Then 80. Then it slowed big time. Having caught and released 86 fish, most people would call it a day and head home. I couldn't. Not when I was so close to 100!

Although it took me about forty-five minutes to catch the last 17 fish, it was totally worth it! At Medco, I caught 4 bass, 5 crappie, and 85 bluegills. None of these fish were big, although the crappie were eating-size.

Though there is no limit on bluegills, I am very glad I let them go. Could you imagine filleting 100+ fish?

Either way, it was nice. I met a little kid who talked about his brother's friend, the pro angler. I asked him the pro's name, and he said "It is Colby Pearson." Small world, and I guess you're famous 'round these parts, man.

Incredible day that will (hopefully) be matched again soon. One of the best parts was a group of people who talked about how I couldn't catch any fish when I walked by. In the time I fished, their whole cynical group had caught half a dozen fish...ahh, irony.

Final tally: 85 Bluegill, 5 Black Crappie, 4 Largemouth Bass, 3 Yellow Perch, 2 Brook Trout, 1 Westslope Cutthroat Trout, 1 Rainbow Trout in about 6 hours of fishing. Truly incredible.
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Nice job man, but now the only question is how are you going to break that record? lol
WOW!! That is all I have to say is WOW!!! Nicely done there. Now think about what a full day's worth of fishing could do for you!! Get out there and get um!!! :D
Yeah, it was an awesome day! Moe, I think the only way I could is with a full day of fishing like Spydeyrch suggested...I was only at Medco for about 4 hours. I couldn't imagine what 8 or 12 would do. Sadly, I have to work during the day, so the only full day I can go is Friday. It would be worth another go, though!
lol! I've got the same counter. I use it mostly at Harriet Lake. When you start to loose track after 15 or 20 the counter comes in handy. My record there is 40 but the guy that introduced me to the place had a 100 fish day that same trip.
Well done, bro.
Great Job.

No kidding, OntheFly? Sports Authority is where I got mine (RV Mall). Yeah, I imagine if you fished there a full 12-16 hours, you could get 250 fish, considering I got 94 in about 4 hours. It definitely depends on what you're using, though. There were a dozen other people there, and they only caught a handful of fish...
The judges have voted, and now Sportsmanlio...YOU are the PRO! Well done and wow!

Can I be the first, to get an autographed copy of your soon to be released book "101 Fish in a Day"?
Haha, thanks troutdude.

I've had this idea to write a magazine article for a while now. I've thought of a title and everything. "Numbers Game," would outline my 24 or 48 hour fishing trip, wherein I go to area waterbodies and try to catch as many different species of fish as I can, all the while trying to keep overall numbers of fish high.

I know I can catch 7 species and 101 fish in half a day, so I'm thinking 10 or 11 species wouldn't be unrealistic for a 24 hour period. Bullheads, smallmouths, redbands, white crappie, tui chubs, pumpkinseed, green sunfish, and Sacramento perch are all fish that I catch with some regularity, and they could be added to the list.

I still haven't buckled down to do it, but I need to get on that before deer season...
You're welcome. I think that your idea, would be a great article for a sporting rag like Field n' Stream.
Thanks. I subscribe to about 5 of them myself, so I figured I might get published in one if I sent copies to all of 'em...with a hope, a prayer, and a pinch of luck, that is!
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