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  • LOL, I had forgotten about those dreaded Zindi! LOL <maybe my mind was sidetracked by T'Pol?>

    DS9 was good for about 3 - 4 seasons or so, for me. Then, it just got weird. I had envisioned a GREAT ending for the battle against the Dominion and the Gen Hadar though: A fleet arriving just in the nick of time, comprised of Federation alliance ships, the Romulans, the Andorans, AND a rejuvenated Admiral Christopher Pike commanding the flag ship!!! <remember Captain Pike, from the VERY first TOS pilot episode>?

    Wow, that was SOME card collection. But, at least the proceeds went to a good cause...your fishing addiction! :)
    A "bit" of a Trekkie / sci fi geek is an understatement. I've seen all of the TOS many times each. I've seen nearly every episode of TNG, DS-9 and Voyager. Plus, I have the Fan Collective series of the Borg, Klingons, Alternate Realities, Q, Captain's Log, and Time Travel! I thought, however, that Enterprise was a flop...except, of course, for Commander T'Pol...HUBBA HUBBA!!! LOL Plus, I've seen all of the movies as well. I liked the latest one...especially when Spock was the Captain of the Enterprise!

    I'm also totally into Star Gate too. For the last 4 months, I watched every single episode of all 10 seasons of SG-1. Then, I watched the follow up movie. Now, I am watching Season 1 of SG: Atlantis and plan to watch all 5 seasons.

    Yep, I'm a sci fi nut for sure! I'm also into "Serenity"...I have the whole series (and the movie) on DVD.
    I wish that there was some way, that we could get an "early warning notification"; BEFORE our PM boxes get full. Oh well...thanks for the heads up. It's now cleared out.
    Hey Chris.....thanks again for the chance to fish your place means a lot :) think i got some of it figured out lol can only imagine that place spring/summer with timing and your permission of course would love to grab CP again and give it what for.
    Seems that way! :( I started a new job at the hospital this week, I have no seniority to pull rank on anyone now :( it sucks. I'm glad to have the job though so can't complain really.
    :( sent Dave a message. Last minute shift changes at work, someone had an injury so I have to fill in. If ever there is another oppurtunity, I would love to fish up there sometime.
    hear the weather is finally supposed to turn springish over the next week , we had 3" of snow at the job I just did at Mckenzie bridge yesterday mornin and its 2 days away from may:mad:
    ya thanks TR! i should be set for the trip!! going to shasta this weekend looking for a magnum spotted bass the world record is only 10.16lbs wanna try to break 5#'s quite a feat kinda like a 10lb largemouth
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