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    Dear Shadelady, I was looking through craigslist for a decent sized boat, good for family and gear for a great price, and came across your Four Winns. I am interested in taking a look at it, however we just had some work done on our car but I will keep saving and check back with you in a few months. Take care. Luke McCall (Leeward4me)
    Hey Lady,have you ever been to Ololla Lake outside Toledo? Lilsalmon and Troutdude have had some great catches there. Just wondering since you are so close.
    What's going down Lady? Any action out at the coast? I've been thinking about heading out that way but been stuck working 6 days a week for the last few months. Hope you've been slaying some steelhead
    Been slowwwwww. Thinking I might drive out to the 101 bridge tomorrow. Tides look good n the river should be on the drop.
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