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  • Hey Rick, every year I tell myself I'm gunna hit the steelhead hard. If you think about it, I can only fish week-ends, fish when the fish are in, fish when the rivers are in good shape, and I only fish with a fly rod. And if all this comes together then I have to decide to drag my sorry azz outta bed. Needless to say I don't catch many steelhead. If you can, try to hook up with mgdguy. He's always getting fish. Trout should start waking up soon. I'll keep you posted.
    I really appreciate what you said about me on that post. You have perhaps made a good reputation for me here on the Forum and for that I'm greatfull. I owe you one! I truly believe that other members would have done the same thing. We all share one thing in common in this Forum and that is we all love to fish. We die hard fishermen, like you and I, who hear about someone that couldn't make a fishing trip because of a technicality is hard to ignore and therefore makes it easy to offer help. Anyway, thanks again Redfox and I hope to see you at Harriet. Besides, I have a couple flys you gotta try!

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