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  • Hello! Sorry to hear about the health issues. I would give you $5 for the "what fish see" book
    Also I live rather close by (Alvadore) and would be happy to help you take your boat out anytime or if you would like a have a decent 2 man boat (smokercraft Tracer) and you would be more then welcome to join me. I do a lot of koke , salmon, steel, trout, you name it fishing and am heading to diamond, crane, wickiup for at least 3 days beginning this friday.

    16 year real estate consultant ,volunteer coordinator and coach of the local Special Olympics program and my dog thinks I am the worlds greatest fisherman!

    Thanks for the offer. I am not much fun to be around these days, but maybe someday it will be better. Ok, here is my best offer. You buy all the books for $15.00, and I will throw in 2 of my hand made Salmon Trolling lures. My e-mail is Qwapaw@aol.com. Good luck fishing. Dan
    One nut, If you still want that book e-mail me and come and get it. I need to sell something by golly. I guess $5.00 last better than no dollars. Thanks, Dan Uchytil qwapaw@aol.com.
    No worries, qwapaw. Go to the desired topic, on the second row of headings (under the picture) you should see a tab titled "+New Topic". Click there to start a new post. It took me a while to find it after the last forum update, too.

    I see that you collect vintage reels. The very first reel that I owned, was DAM Quick 330. It was on a Wright n' McGill rod. I loved that outfit.

    Anyway, speaking of Wright & McGill-I have an even older rod. It is a Reegil and made by Reeder & McGill. It's made of beer bottle brown Fiberglass, with what I think is a nickel ferrule. I have seen several early Fenwicks and a couple of early (mid to late 50's) Lamiglas rods. This "Reegil" rod, has a very similar look. I believe that it was made in Denver.

    It is in remarkably good condition; for it's age. Still has a butt cap, and all guides and wraps are in tact. It's missing the rubber "o" ring on the male part of the ferrule. And the label is very faded and scratched up. I'd give it a 6 out 10 or so overall.

    Do you know how I might be able to get an appraisal? I might like to sell it, or trade it. Thank you.

    Jay (Troutdude)
    Just wanted to say thank you so much for your donations and your great attitude at the event. I look forward to hitting the water with you again some time.
    Yes, You too, I woould say a good time was had by all. It was a fun Saturday. Sorry we had to leave at 3:30, but I promised to do something fun with the Grand Kids and I was running out of gas. Having Chrones and RA makes me get tired real fast. I sure injoyed myself. Thanks, for the Dew, Your friend, Dan
    Thanks for the fly thing...can't remember what you called it...hehe...sometimes can't remember my name. I plan on using it monday on the deschutes. Have a great one and it was good seeing you again.
    Good morning qwapaw. Yes,I do plan to be at Meldrum with Autofisher Saturday. Like you, I really look forward to meeting more members. I just hope I can remember the names as well as the faces...lol. Hope to see you there!
    Well I'm not Barb :) lol but I am familiar with the Siuslaw, though because of my age, have only been fishing it about 17 years. I find that it depends on what kind of fishing you are doing, and from where. I bank it, so I'm fishing the upper stretches to as far up as they allow, I don't think there will be any fishing above the lake creek confluence again this year, which is a bummer for bank anglers, but I respect that decision because of snaggers. I have caught fish (Chrome with sea lice!) in there Christmas day, so, It really depends on a ton of variables, and every year is different. If you're going to fish the tidewater, then, september should be pretty good I think. I myself don't put much effort into the fall nooks anymore because I've become self obsessed with the Tahkenitch Coho runs, and then slip into winter steelhead mode, but I might give it more effort this year than I did last since I plan on it being my last fall in Oregon.
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