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    Submerged grass

    Topwater lures like frogs, mice, poppers. Or, get weedless wacky hooks.
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    Winter steelhead 2019 show OFF

    Tanner puts you on fish. He can't land them for you. He WILL tell you what you did wrong, and what to do next time. His trips are not just boat rides to secret spots (as if there are any), but are fishing lessons straight up.
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    How to fish for trout | Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife How to fish for bass | Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Easy angling in Oregon, Introduction | Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
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    Don’t say Cali anymore, ok ?
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    Rod/reel combination for surf perch

    That light tackle blog post has a lot of good in it, plus a bit of....meh. 1- His caveat about using light tackle in low surf conditions is right on. Indeed, I said as much. I fish both ways. A stiff bass spinning rod or steelhead rod is enough. His comment about coffee-grinder sized reels...
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    Rod/reel combination for surf perch

    If you have a rod that wont snap at 3 oz, just use that knowing you wont throw as far, or hold in sportier surf. Which isnt that big a deal because they play is a slow retrieve and thus hit may only come at 30’ away, not 200! But, depending on the beach and the tide, you may want to be able to...
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    Rod/reel combination for surf perch

    Medium heavy salmon spinning rod, 10-12’. You will be throwing weights of 1-4oz. is why, not because of the fish. 3000-3500 sized spinning reel. 30# braid mainline, then tie a 6’ or so of 20# mono leader on it. #2 or #4 boatkeeper hooks and an assortment of coin sinkers in the above weights...
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    Devil's Lake

    I would think that such a windy play a pontoon will get blown around real good. Honestly, if I were down in LC and wanted to fish, I would be in the surf.
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    Name that spot (2019)

    Other end of the state
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    Razor clams

    Went out to Ft. Stevens today and brought home a limit, but all quite small - 5" +/-. They'll eat well in chowder, but the clamming was tough. The clams are dug down deep, and aren't showing much. A passerby remarked that they weren't actively feeding, and so were dug down deeper. I also...
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    Surf fishing South Beach

    Excellent place, also across the river at Nye beach is great. Or run down to Seal Rock. Watch the weather and waves very carefully.
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    Got snow?

    About 3” hit the ground south of Hillsboro. Melted off the roads pretty fast, all gone by late afternoon and dry pavement tonight.
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    Name that spot (2019)

    Oof Wednesdays. Think of me if you go on a saturday.
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    Name that spot (2019)

    When you gonna invite me on your boat ? I hear you've really become great on the sticks.