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    Waldport crabbing report

    I am taking a friend crabbing in waldport from Connecticut on Tuesday and I was curious how the crabbing has been down there. Thanks for any and all reports!
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    Yaquina Bay report

    That’s exactly the area I crab, last few times I have gone it’s been terrible. Then again I have not tried there for a couple months now. I have gone to waldport and cleaned house though
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    Yaquina Bay report

    What area were you crabbing if you don’t mind me asking. My traditional crabbing areas have been terrible since they dredged the river this summer.
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    Yaquina Bay Feb. 8th

    My son and I went out on Yaquina Bay Friday the 8th. Fishing was definitely not hot, but we were persistent, covered water, and fished in multiple spots and we were able to bring in a very healthy limit of 3 copper rockfish, 2 black rockfish, a striped perch, and a 22 1/4” lingcod.
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    Yaquina Bay report

    Inside the bay, say from the second finger and upriver, swell is not a big factor. Wind however is. Anything more than 10-15 mph is going to make fishing difficult. You can run upriver a find protected structures to fish even on the windier days.
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    Yaquina Bay report

    Inside the bay holds fish year round. There are many locations that can be covered to find fish. The north and south jetties, all the finger jetties that come off of the south jetty, and all of the sea walls and breakwaters upstream if it’s too windy out past the bridge. Sand shrimp will bring...
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    New to steelhead fishing and in need of advice

    I think you are on the right path myself. I like pink worms under a float with a white 1/4 jig head. I also fish lots of jigs, sometimes they will take a plain jig othertimes they want a chunk of prawn or small sand shrimp tail attached. One thing I will say is after a decent rain the raises the...
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    Where to fish winter steelhead?-Eugene area

    If you are new to steelhead fishing I would focus on the Alsea and the Siuslaw. Smaller water is easier to learn how to read and there are less places for the fish to hide. If the water is green in color and 2-3 feet of visibility try water thats 2-4 feet in depth with “walking speed” current...
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    Winter steelhead 2019 show OFF

    I went out Friday on a piece of water I have scouted but never fished for steelhead before. First cast of the day I got a small chrome buck about 7lbs. Considering how the season has gone I was stoked! Then on the third cast my float shot under again. This was a nice big buck the took me over 75...
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    Yaquina Bay crabbing

    Decided to give waldport a try with my dad and some of his friends this weekend. The results were much better than I have been getting in the Yaquina. We caught a total of 68 legal crab and kept our 60 of clean, hard-shell crab.
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    Yaquina Bay crabbing

    ODFW put some test pots down in August or September and when the pulled the pots they were full of dead crabs. Hypoxic zone killed them all. I just don’t get why the Alsea and Siletz are crabbing well. The hypoxic zone encompassed a pretty large area
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    Yaquina Bay crabbing

    I went out crabbing from shore in a spot that has been extremely productive over the last few years with 6 crabmax traps Saturday and Sunday with a total of 8 hours crabbed. We caught lots of medium to small red rock crabs and very very few dungeness of any size. We caught one keeper dungeness...
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    Where are these steelhead

    You can check the ODFW website, it gives recreation report and they are a decent place to start. The Coquille, umpqua, and Chetco al offer decent bank access. Take a weekend day and go drive the roads along these rivers. Look for cars parked and go down without a fishing rod and talk with other...
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    Steelhead 2018 show OFF

    Nice work! Was that this year?
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    For sea bass I use 1/4-1/2 oz jig heads and 2-4” plastic swim baits. Use assorted colors such as browns, whites, and blacks. For lingcod if you have a heavier salmon rod I run 65 lb braid and 50lb mono leader. I use 2-3 oz jig heads and I have great success with Berkeley gulp 6” grubs in white...