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  • Was wonder if anybody has heard if Clear lake is open from snow? Want to make a trip up their but don't want to waste the gas up there. I am wondering about the the one on Mt. hood.
    Nothing. Fished the lake tuesday. Had a bunch of takes but didn't bring one to hand. When you guys coming up?
    Welcome to the forum! Please re-post your intro in the steelhead forum...everyone will see it then instead of just you and me. Again, welcome! Glad to have you here.
    Today was a great day to be on the water hooked and land three nice bright steelhead thing were looking good for me until I got back to my car and found out that somebody tried to break in to my car, steal the gas out of my car, and the the thing that made the madest was that they slashed my tires. It was a sad thing but aleast I got to fish and land some bright fish.
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