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    Show your Trophy 2018

    My best catches of the year would be a 19" rainbow and a monster 7 5/8" Dungeness.
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    Videos from Fishing_The_Odds

    That’s nuts! You were a good sport about it all....A good reminder of why to wear a PFD, especially when out alone.
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    Videos from Fishing_The_Odds

    Another informative video...keep em’’ coming:popcorn:
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    Videos from Fishing_The_Odds

    Another good vid. I appreciate your passion for getting outside and getting FISH ON!
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    Diamond Lake

    Anyone been to Diamond lately? How’s the fishing & what’s hot right now? We have a boat reservation for this Friday and very much looking forward to it.
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    Videos from Fishing_The_Odds

    Just spent the last hour watching a few of your vids...nice work on the editing. Looking forward to more.
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