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  • Yeah buddy of mine texted me pics of a couple springers they pulled out of the umpqua around elkton on Saturday. Nice fish.
    The only experience I have north of here is on the santiam and willamette. There's a float from Jefferson on the santiam to buena vista on the willamette. That stretch of willamette from the mouth of the santiam to buena vista seems pretty productive. Sorry I'm not much help
    Yes we were on the lake then.. .without the fancy new top.. LOL we just got that this week boy was it nice!
    Lol I'm impressed you read all of that. Ya I'm goin' sunday I think, but it's still early in the season, but the season is officially a go
    You seem to be one of the men to talk to about pike minnow. I am suprised that some keep it secret how they fish for them. I thought the Columbia River was big enough for all of us.

    So velveta cheese really works eh? I was curious what tips you have for bank fishing (no boat) and rarely fish but I would like to make some extra denero. Any would be appreciated.
    Hey! Have you checked your classified today? BlackTalon may have exactly what you want. Don't mean to stick my nose in, but I missed out on that Skeeter pontoon by not checking back often enough. Good luck.
    aka Raincatcher
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