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  • Hey bud,

    I don't set up tournaments, I set up charity fishing events to help raise funds for different charities. I usually pick a spot and then pick a date. From there I leave it to the people who want to participate in the event...... they show up... they bring excess gear that they don't need, gift cards, shirts, camp chairs, new gear, etc to put into a general donation...... from there I sell raffle tickets through out the day. After they show up and make donations they usually go and fish for a while and then we meet back up to have some food and then do the raffle. Sometimes I do other prizes like Biggest Fish, Most Fish, etc. Makes it fun and interesting. I haven't gotten a permit for any of the events because we've always used public property. If we get there early enough we can usually stake a claim on any pic nic or BB-Q spots that we want.....and we have a great time. Hope this helps.

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