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    Damn the wind.

    by the looks of the forecast the fan is on high all week:mad:
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    Ocean Coho

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    Ran over a bass or five.

    Manns 1 minus Worked in the California delta in those conditions Chartreuse and red was the best color
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    Tenmile Lake 7-3-2020

    how was the clarity?
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    Got a new boat today--fully equipped!

    The motor looks like a real gem!
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    Weird mark on trout

    What a beast! Where did you catch it?
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    Can anyone tell me what species these fish are?

    Looks like a silver perch and a sand or lemon sole
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    Surf perch need help

    It has been slow down around Coos Bay area for sure. Try mole crabs if you can find them You may want to up your weight an oz on surgey days I would step up to a size 2 hook as well. We do best on the last 2 hrs of the incoming, but they will bite anytime if you can find them I am a member of...
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    Sunset Bay

    You will have better luck at Bullards or Bastendorf
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    Pink fins

    Been fishing Bullards when the conditions allow with mixed success Friends fished Winchester bay over the weekend and got blanked
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    Seasoning suggestions for lingcod?

    Pride of the west is a coating mixture I prefer Italian style panko
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    Look forward to your report!
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    Bank fishing steelhead

    not the right time of year
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    Surf setup for a newbie

    Check out 'Oregon Surfperch Fishing" on Facebook. Lots of good people and information . Just like here!