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    Catch and release farm trout

    Check Shelton fishing products. Self releasing hooks if you are bait fishing work GREAT! You don't even touch the fish or take them out of the water.I have used them extensively and have had great results. If using lures/de barb the hooks and change out trebles to singles
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    Yarn balls

    pink and purple orange and pink
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    How we killed off the giant salmon of the Pacific Northwest in 50 years

    Overfishing,water diversion, habitat degradation, mismanagement poaching. .Now we can throw in climate changes....... All to blame
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    Bleeding a fish

    what he said.All fish
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    Winter steelhead fishing on Fridays

    Left you a message
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    What bait should I use for winter steelhead?

    Buds spinner #3 brass has been good to me.You need 15 lb line at least on that rod
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    Shallow water sturgeon, 22 December 2019

    One of my favorites!
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    Oregon coast folks.....

    Plan on hitting the incoming tides for best chance.1.5 hrs on either side
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    Knee replacements

    I just had a total hip replacement done. I went to OHSU for the procedure [I live in Coos Bay] and I would HIGHLY recommend you contact their total joint replacement team. OUTSTANDING people.
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    Oregon coast folks.....

    Can point you in the right direction if you are coming to the Coos bay Bandon area. Can be a bit breezy that time of year, but fishing should be good Let me know
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    Tom,Lots of rain down here .I would targeting the incoming tide, as the outgo will have a fair freshwater push
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    Steelhead trip recommendations

    Coos ,Millacoma East and west offer good fishing and fair shore access .La Vern park on the Coquille is good bank fishing as well.You need a Wherehouser permit for the coos which you can get on line
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