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    Clack or Sandy?

    I'd fish Sandy between Oxbow and ol' Marmot Dam. Big stretch, but plenty of opportunity in it.
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    Clackamas river levels

    Fix your link Beaver!
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    Coho Report Thread?!

    :lol:Ya right! Like somebody would let YOU know! Just kiddin';). Sorry Im bored, cant sleep, and got fish on the brain. Saw 2 caught, a few lost, and my fishin' pardner hooked up but lost it after it caught some air. Where you ask? (Maybe you dont ask. But I'm sayin' anyways.) Where else...
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    Gott'em! (First Fall Chinook of The Year For Me)

    At the ramp at 4. Anchored and in the line by 6. Rods in the water just before sunrise. Fished the outgoing in 50 some ft of water:whistle:, at between 100 and 200 ft out;). Some kind of half shiny half other color hardware:think:. Before it got light out, Boat #1 yells at an incoming Boat #2...
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    My lil' bro's first bit of nookie!!

    Haha!! Pops got some too!!:D Got a chance to hop into a boat and fill a few seats with my Dad and my little Brother in a hogline on the Columbia. Captain of the boat slept on the river last night, motored to the dock and picked up his first load of passengers, limited them out by noon, when we...
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    Mouth of the Clack silver report thread!!

    Nah. Im bout to go Steelhead fishin' right now.
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    Mouth of the Clack silver report thread!!

    Name says it all. If you happen to be by the area, take note if you would and let us in on what the low-down is. We'd all appreciate it! Im headin down in a few just to check it out. Well see.
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    OFF Hole/Blabbermouth Hole/Money Hole/Dam Hole this Saturday, 28th

    Anybody gonna be down der feeshin' or what! I know I'm fixin' to be down there about about 2 hrs before early. Just cuz. So if I see yalls down der, I'ma says "hayllo". And Im'a bringin trash bags too. Just need to find me few pack mules while im downs there....
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    Fishing for summer steelhead at the Siletz River

    Cool vid. Cant wait to see one featuring a pig of a steelhead!
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    BP oil leak

    Live video link from the ROV monitoring the damaged riser I had a bunch of stuff to say about it, but I gotta split. I'll finish my rant later. Youre welcome to start without me!:D
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    Massive Siletz Steel

    Great day on tha water man!!:clap:
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    Clackamas chrome

    Nice fish! Doesnt really look like eggs on the setup in the pic though?
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    Who ya got in the Super Bowl?

    Who do you think is gonna win? I think Indi is gonna win, but I want the Saints to win...So I placed my bets on the Saints!:lol:
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    Greg Oden

    Soo uhhh...ya. Anyone seen the latest Greg Oden pictures that surfaced on the web? . . . . .. ....:lol: Wonder what effects this will have on his career..."Playgirl on line 1 calling for Mr. Oden.":lol:
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