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  • So what days off do you have now that you are back to work? I've been doing pretty well out on the Columbia Dibblee Beach area. I'm off Sundays and Mondays, let me knwo if you want to go after some June Hogs
    I'm heading up to McIver in the am...not too early, want the water to be dropping when i get there. I figure around 10AM or so. Let me know if you wanna meet up and kill a few highwater winters.
    Those regs are for wild Chinook only. You can still keep the 2 bag limit if one is Hatchery. The only trouble is that once you've reached your limit of wilds, I'm not sure if you can still continue to fish because you could risk killing a wild fish and have to take it. The thing to be careful about is the closed sections. If we really want to hit the Chinook this year the Trask is going to be the way to go. If not the trask then the Siuslaw. The Necanicum near 3 rivers is a good stretch and when it's full of fish there is no concern of getting a limit. It also has a more than exceptional springer run.
    Sounds good to me. If we do not get some rain here pretty quick nothing will be going up these rivers very far. Just get in touch with me when it gets close to the date and we can work out the details. Hopefully we will have some rain come in there should be definetly some Coho running after some good rain.

    I'm going to be in Portland on Tuesday, August 31 and leaving on Friday, Sep 3. I'm looking for someone to go fishing with. I'm no expert on the rivers. I fly fish and cast fish. Looking to go on the rivers somewhere. I hear the fall nooks should be coming in then. Wanna go fishing?
    was just wondering if i might be able to talk you into revealing the spot for sturgeon on marine drive, i've never banked for sturgeon before just off a boat. By the way whats a shaker is that sublegal size? My e-mail is [email protected] If you don't want to share i understand i have acouple of trout spots i like to keep to myself to keep the others out of em lol.
    I am going out today from 5:30pm to 8:30, and Sunday for the Morning Bite. If you want company on Wednesday let me know? I will be game anytime since I am laid off.
    Haven't been out since that morning. Had to do the whole moving thing and working 6 days a week. Going to try and get out this thursday possibly. I'll let you know.
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