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  • Hey man, are you still alive? I recently moved back to Oregon, and got back online at OFF. Seems you been gone a while as well. get ahold of me. James
    Hey, saw your post with pics of the 'slayer'. Where do you get those bodies that are similar to the blue fox bodies. I can't seem to find them. Currently get my stuff form jans netcraft. Thanks
    FF, when are good days for you to fish? not sure of your schedule, but Im open for the next few. Bank or boat, im game.
    I can't wait. I'm hoping to convince Raincatcher to head up that way within the next couple of weeks. We'll definately let you know!
    Just wanna say thanks for offering up a seat on your boat for Sunday. Unfortunately, Jeanna set her alarm for 05:00 05:30 and 06:00...and did not hear it go off once, and woke up around 07:00 I think we were up until just before 03:00. Had a blast this weekend though, was good to meet ya!

    Thanks again
    Finger, what site you have for detroit? We in A14 at detroit state park. not sure what campground everyone is in. This the one that troutski passed onto Kush and myself. is there an established site for the potluck yet? we gonna use a picnic area? boat?
    Yeah....a beach landing. Iwo Jima comes to mind. Twenty thousand fishermen coming in on everything between jetsleds to float tubes assaulting the B-7 & 8 beachhead. :D

    I'll be able to shuttle people in from other campgrounds with my truck if needed. Let me know.

    Hey FishFinger, Just thought I'd ask who's camp are we gonna trash Saturday night at Detroit. I'll be at F-13
    I think I have enough gear to throw some stuff at 'em but the more the better. I can always bring my mask and fins and you guys can drag me around and I'll just grab 'em( in the mouth! of course)
    Be careful just1nook, and pat him down before he gets on board! He likes to stash bananas on boats that he hitches rides on....
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