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  • I just wanted to say thank you once again for the most amazing dog I've ever had. I'm convinced that she quite literally saved my life today. Backwoods fishing, I came across what I assume to be pot growers even though it's not the right season. Anyways group of sketchy guys were waiting at my rig looking in my windows when I came back to from where I was fishing. Ava who has up to this point never shown an ounce of a backbone, went into full on cujo mode and attacked these guys, scared them off and I got the hell out of there. I really have no idea how it would have gone down if she hadn't picked up that something was wrong and hadn't acted protectively. She's a very good dog, you guys did a great job with her before I had her. Thanks
    Oh she is doing awesome for sure! She's getting so big! She's such a good dog, I really couldn't ask for a better dog. I'll have to bring her out sometime so you guys can see her.
    Thought I would say thank you for the best pup ive ever had! She's been amazing. Most mellow relaxed dog I've ever been around. Renamed her Ava. (full name is Ava Fajita Maria Margarita Hunt-Rattenborg, the first) here's some recent pictures, she's a fishing dog 100%


    buahaha i bought one of those bluegills you showed me on ebay and i got it for free because i had a bunch of Ebay bucks from stuff i bought for my dad! so that puts me in a good mood!
    I won't be able to make it tomorrow.....just had my cell reminder go off and I have somewhere I have to be......grrrr...wish my memory would come back cuz i am really missin it. Will have to see about another day maybe?
    my wife gave me the "OK" to go fishing, taking my brother along so he can do all the work and i can just fish wit a jig! that only takes one hand lol i want to check out the water temp and play with my camera a little if i can too!
    Like I said think as long as you keep that finger out of the lake water you will be fine I have the kids and grandkids coming out for a day of fishhing . TT gonna stop by later and we are gonna sink some trees.
    Your the only one I know who doesnt catch fish on that bait. BTW went out to the backyard pond and played w/that crawdad they are wicked cool can see a new bait of confidence on the horizon!
    Looks like the weather is turning for the better, I ready to fish. I got a whole new line up of rods I want to try out. I built a St. Croix crankbait rod and a super finesse rod for the bait of confidence
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