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  • Hey man, what's happenin'?

    Sorry i haven't been it touch sooner, I've been battling w/ migraines or so it seems. Damnest thing, have never had a head ache aside from the well deserved hangover.

    Recently broke my personal code and decided to seek a medical opinion, to which they are as confused as I am, except I now get to pay them along the way.

    No tumors, swelling, or bleeding, so now it's to the neurologists to follow up.

    I'll do a better job of saying in touch and hope to be fit and ready to get back on the fish here shortly.

    Ya I'm going to go out tomorrow evening and troll with my dad for a bit. Other than that the earliest I will be able to get out is Saturday which really blows! My girlfriend works all week so no ride. If you head out come swoop me and I'll chip in on gas. I just ordered some spinners from Kodiak that I think will KILL em on the Wilson. I'm pretty sure that by tomorrow there will be plenty of fish in the Clack and Sandy. But I'm interested in the river levels on say the Trask, Wilson, and Nehalem Rivers. I think we might have got enough rain to raise the level just enough for them to move into the river instead of moving in and out with the tide. The drift launch behind the burnt down guide shop and the Wilson should have some fish in it. Coho and tons of Cutties.
    Morning Dan. As far as I can tell,no one caught anything. There are some posts in the steelhead section,3-4 pages in fact,about meeting up with other members.
    I'm just glad to have survived the exit! lol
    Hope the holes you and Dan found are a bit easier to get to than the "Hell Hole"! haha
    Nah I haven't gotten out recently for anything good recently. I found a nice little spot on the Willy for night fishing for cats and such. My girl took off to colorado cuz her sisters having a baby so I'm stuck without a ride for the next two weeks. Which river was like milk the Sandy?
    Camp Fishfinger aka "Camp Debotchary" is located @ loop B sites 7&8 right on the lake side. I'll have a few signs made up to make it easier t find.

    The pot luck Sat and what not are gong to be on held on the lake front of both sites Kush has my cell number 503 312 9171
    People start fishing for them at about mile marked 28 thats about where the south fork comes joins the devils lake fork. Thats where I was. I have never walked the trail before but I'm down. The road follows the Wilson the whole way and there's tons of pull offs so i've always just gone that route. There should be quite a few fish in there in a little over a month when the fall rains kick in. I have never seen it as low as it is right now. It's more like a creek than a river.
    Hahaha No the dew photo was all me! It was a slow fishing day so I took all kinds of weid close up photos. I'm always down to hit up the Wilson or anywhere else for that matter. You live pretty damn close too, your in Multnomah right? I'm off of Allen Blvd. I was at the Wilson for a bit saw 4 real nice Chromers up way high in the river. They looked pretty fresh too. I hooked one but lost it after a couple min. A little rain sure would help out. Let me know when you wanna get out and hit it.
    Hey catphish, Do you still need to rebuild those rods? Hit up Chad (stealhead stalker). He does custom rods so maybe he could help you out with yours?? Just a thought. See you at Detroit!

    Welll it looks like you are REALLY Having trouble with bass?
    good thing my. bassier is here.

    The bass are feeding on shad right now so goto the store and buy Lure that looks like a shad, It cant be more then 5 inchs long. Go to the colombia, Salish isnt very good. Only caught 1 smallmouth there. But Colombia I limited out. Go anywhere were there is rocks and current. I recomen Rapala X-Raps that go deep in Shad color.

    GOod luck
    I don't know. This summer's going to be realllly busy with soccer and camps. But I still need to catch a steelhead. I probably won't be trouting for a while. Limited time and all, I want to go tomorrow for some steelhead, but maybe not cause I have a soccer tournament! Then next week, I leave for a 2 week residential camp in UO. Then a bunch of other stuff. Busy! :rolleyes:

    It's close to LO, but my family probably won't go fishing if there's something to catch and eat cause it's in the willamette
    Never heard of elk rock Island. We normally go to places with fish like trout that are really good food fish. Chinese families just want fish to eat! But with such a horrible shad season, I may have to target other species sooner than normal.
    I didn't notice the visitor message for a while. Henry Hagg Lake, near Gaston and Forest Grove, is a pretty good trout and bass fishery, along with all kinds of panfish, perch, and catfish. On a fast day, you could get there in around 40 minutes. Commonwealth Lake in Beaverton, very close, has trout, bass, catfish, and probably some other warmwater species. If you google both lakes, you'll easily find how to get there. My favorite trout lake to go to here is Henry Hagg, since that's the only one I know how to fish :D
    If you need tips on fishing Hagg Lake, write another visitor message.
    Salmon and steelhead, anywhere from the Clackamas to the Columbia. The Clack is probably around 20-30 minutes from you. It's steelhead/chinook season there right now. Find the right water, and you'll catch one. Riverside park is a good place to start and it's easy to find. I haven't landed one yet either, so Im still working on that.
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