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  • I might possibly hit your spot for perch on Saturday on my way back from Bandon. I have not looked at the tide table yet, but if it is favorable any time from noon and on I may try to hit it, especially if it isn't raining too bad also. I drive an older white chevy p/u with the orange sticker like the avatar on the toolbox.
    Next week I'll be headed back from Bandon on Friday or Saturday but expect to have the truck full of tools, therefore no fishing on the way home this trip. We'll be at Bandon quite a bit in Late July and August. That's when I hope to do some serious surf fishing. Thanks for the tip.
    Hey,Chris thanks for the offer but,I've read my self blue in the face on this.Now I'm just hands-on throwing different rigs and hoping.If you get this way we'll HOOK-up I think the perch will get real good real soon.anyway about 300 yd north of the parking lot. you can drive it but, im not sure if its open to 4x4 this time of the year....I think I just messaged myself.
    Hey. I was wondering if you wanted this book I got called Striped Bass Fishing in California and Oregon, 1953, by Leon Adams. I'm done with it and don't keep a lot of books on my shelves anyway. If not , I'll offer it up on the forum when I get back from the long weekend. I'm going to have to try your perch spot at Siltcoos sometime. Usually, I don't drive up the coast that way but I'm always looking for something new. I looked at it on Google Earth. Do you go by the river mouth or the parking lot?

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