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  • Good morning, Eamon! It is indeed a visitor message. However, new members don't have this feature. Check it out....:D
    I'm glad that you liked that pic Eamon. I busted out laughing when I saw...the demise of the Lucky Charms Leprechaun! ;-)
    hey buddy do you have a free weekend the first part of june? Im having a housewarming party and you are invited! not sure of the day yet but I will let you know!
    Eamon!!!!!!!!!!! how have you been?! you never talk to me anymore I cry myself to sleep every night :( lol kiding, anyways I been super busy volunteering during the day and working at night trying to dig myself into a state job lol.
    Where did you go again? Ya I been to mission state park 3 times with no luck but seen 2 caught from a boat 20 yards down from me, I been busy with work and soon I will be volunteering with voch rehab here in Mac. waiting for this weather to clear up some and hopefully catch a damn fish lol. I might try spring run one or two more times but next time I might go for a couple hours then do some bass fishing. Its just boring sitting out there by yourself lol.
    Its been a rough week starting more hours at work tuesday and thursdays are my long nights and its suppose to be raining all week sadly :( next week might be a bit better I found some good spots on the east bank at misson state park i just foot over instead of paying 9 dollars for day use and ferry fees lol
    will give you a call after I talk to the wife at her lunch if we do manage to meet up im going to park on west side and hoof it over and prob be downstream at a hole i seen a boat fishing in last year
    hey buddy what are you doing on monday I was thinking of hitting whetland ferry holes to try to find a springer on the east side of the river or maybe even a summer steel
    Hi. Hey,you never let us know how your leg was after your fall. Hope it's all mended and you're back out on the water.

    Be safe.
    Hi bud, was searching net for info on spinning with flies and your thread came up, so if youve got 5 minutes can you explain how you would keep dry flies floating, I use 6lb line so im guessing if i was using a float i would attach that to the main line free running so it can move, then attach a swivel followed on by say 2-3 foot of line then a fly on the end, is that right...?

    tight lines
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