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Best areas/guides in July for an out of towner

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  • Best areas/guides in July for an out of towner

    I'm going to be taking a road trip through Oregon in mid July. I don't know much about Oregon or it's fly fishing but would love to fish a couple areas on my way through. What are some good areas in mid July.

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    Welcome to OFF!

    We would love to help ya!
    Oregon* fisheries are a vast and diverse collection of the best fishing experience
    in America.
    Soo.. In my humble opinion, we need to know where in Oregon you plan to travel?

    *pronounced Oragin as in Home again!


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      What are you wanting to catch? Sturgeon, Steelhead, Salmon, Redside Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye? Flyfishing or regular gear?


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        I'm looking to fly fishing for anything that will be in season during that time. Im from the Louisiana so all these fish are fairly new to me but Steelhead, Salmon,or redside trout would be cool. Ill be driving from North Cali to Seattle with no major time constraints. Plan on doing some sight seeing as well so I kind of figured id stay in the western half of the state but if I should venture out to hit some hot fishing areas then I would.


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          Redside trout, on Oregon's west side, means a trip to the McKenzie River--to the east of Eugene. And not far, from the Interstate (I-5).

          For steelhead, you might want to visit the Clackamas River (off of I-205). Or the Sandy River, further east. Or there is the Santiam system, to the south.

          For all practical purposes, IMO, you'll be too late for Spring Chinook--and too early, for Fall Chinook. So trout and steel, will likely be your best bets.

          BTW...if you're into smallmouth bassin'...the Umpqua, is a prime target. Not too many big ones, from what I hear. But many peeps have 100+ fish days, on that stream.


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            Thanks for the advice. I'm going to do some research into those areas. Ive also read a few articles about the Deschutes River. Is that worth looking into for that time of year (July)?


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              The Deschutes is my home water. Late July is good for Red Side Trout throughout the drainage and for Steelhead on the lower river toward confluence with the Columbia. Because of its popularity the Deschutes can become a busy place that time of year. A second Steelhead option worth considering is the Klickitat River. It is 30 minutes northeast of the Deschutes just across the Washington border. It is smaller and more intimate than the Deschutes, and it is still very good Steelheading with the benefit of a much smaller crowd. They are less than 30 minutes apart, so a guy could easily fish both during the same trip.


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                Sounds like given the possible location and time frame, the McKenzie would suit you best. If you are new to fly fishing, I think local trout would be your best bet. Save steelhead for later. My first actual experience fly fishing was a trip with Stan Stanton on the McKenzie about 6 years ago. He had a fly fishing school which included some basic and effective instruction in the morning. I booked the trip for myself and my then 11 year old stepson. During the afternoon, we launched Stan's boat at Deerhorn and drifted all the way to Hendricks Bridge. We landed several trout, had a magnificent time, a relaxing lunch and saw some truly remarkable scenery. As we left, My step son said to me, "Dad, this was the BEST day ever." You can't put a price tag on that.

                Another good resource is the Caddis Fly angling shop in Eugene. The staff there is always helpful and I have probably asked more idiotic questions than any three other customers.