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Fishing Today @ Wilsonville Pond (free tackle for a brave soul)

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  • Fishing Today @ Wilsonville Pond (free tackle for a brave soul)

    So, I decided to head out to Wilsonville Pond today after work to do some fishing. I got there, threw my line in a couple times, didn't feel real great about the area and decided to move to a different area. I walked down the path and managed to get my line stuck in a tree branch. As I was untangling my line I started to feel a sharp pain in my ankles, and I looked down to see that my legs were swarmed with bees. I dropped my tackle, which was in a paper shredder with no lid (lost my tackle box a few weeks ago), and I ran as fast as I could. I made it out with only 5 stings on my legs, but I dropped my tackle right on the middle of the hive, which was on the ground. So, I let the bees calm down and after about 15 minutes I went back to get my tackle, and as soon as I got even close those bees started swarming again. This time I made it out without getting stung, but I could not get my tackle. In the end, I threw my line out a few times and ended up losing my tackle entirely.

    If you want about $50 - $100 worth of tackle, for free, head to Wilsonville Pond and see if you can get it. Let me know how it goes. Also, there's a bottle of Alaskan IPA in the box as a sweet reward when the job is done. Good Luck!

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    I'm going to get some new tackle soon and start doing some more bass fishing. However, I have been fishing this area for about 6 - 7 years and have yet to get one single thing. I fished Haag Lake, St. Louis Ponds, Woodburn Ponds, down by Clackamette Park, and just about any other hole you can think of, and have never pulled a single thing in, not even a little fish. I have spent so much money in tackle, it's not even funny. Carolina rig, Texas rig, pig-n-jig, spinners, and any other thing imaginable. I caught a bass one time in my life (about a 7 pounder) in a pond outside of Missoula, Montana. That was 10 years ago, I was eighteen and immediately addicted. Now, 10 years later at the age of 28 that is still my defining moment.

    If anyone could help me out, maybe fill me in on some decent spots to land a few bass, I would be really grateful. I am a catch-and-release type of guy, and have no plans of ever actually keeping a fish. Still, I'd love to feel that thrill once again. I'd love to maybe meet a few people who fish as well. As it is now, I typically fish alone. After my incident with the bees, and my incident the day before that (will explain that below), I'm not too sure I am up for fishing alone anymore.

    The incident the other day goes like this:

    I started the day wanting to head to Wilsonville Pond, but had a difficult time finding directions to the pond online. I live downtown, and spend a fair amount of time over in the Oak Grove/Milwaukee area, so I am not real familiar with Wilsonville. Anyway, I got directions from Google Maps, and I ended out on Frog Pond Lane at a dead end near a field full of cows and llamas. I decided since I could not find Wilsonville Pond, and since I lack a GPS system, I would head to Woodburn Pond, whose location I actually know. So I get to Woodburn Pond at about 6:30PM and the place is completely empty -- not another soul in site. There is a farm house (maybe it's a ranch house or cabin, not too sure) right next to Woodburn Pond, and when I was walking to the pond I noticed that the person who lived there was on the roof, shirtless but wearing a pair of shorts and throwing stuff off his roof. Anyway, I park my car at the gate and walk down to a decent location to start fishing. First cast out I feel a little bite, but the fish doesn't take my bait. Well, I am completely excited at this point, because, as stated above, I have not gotten a bass in years and I was really hoping this was a bass. After I reel my line in, I throw it back out and slowly start reeling. I notice that the person who was on the roof is walking down the path towards where I am at, and he has something in his hand. As he gets closer I realize that it is a machete, and I start to feel a bit panicked because I am completely alone and unarmed. The guy walks past me (he's behind me on the path), and continues on about 10 feet. I watch him just to make sure he doesn't come at me. At this point he takes the machete and starts wacking branches on the tree hard -- I mean with all his might hard -- and he's screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs while doing it. Needless to say, I reeled my line in, grabbed my stuff and got out of there as quickly as I could. The guy was shirtless, wearing only a pair of boxers, had a machete, and was talking to himself. Just going to warn you all, whoever lives near Woodburn Pond, I think they may be just a bit off.


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      Am allergic to the yellow jackets ,not deathly but will avoid them like the plauge . this is the time of year they start gettin mean to . fish a few places that tend to harbor unsavory characters ,those places are not for weak of stomach ,heart ,nor arm in a nutshell most folks .Am hostin a get together this mornin and hope to do more like it in the future . I am a bit south but know and fish a few areas up your way when I am workin up there. We down south are a bit more blessed when it comes to bass waters . stick with the forum and I am sure we could get together and fish some time , I might know a bit about bass to help you out ,do admire your tenacity ,dont give up FP


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        Wow,sounds like the forum is just what you need! Welcome to the family of fine fisher folks! I think your tackle will be there for a while. Hope you are the first one to get to it when those nasty critters calm down. Maybe wear waders,rain suit with duct tape around the legs & wrists and move really fast!


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          They settle down at night. Take a friend with is best & have a good flashlight.

          or grab your stuff on a cool morning before the heat of the day.

          Best of Luck...