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    Originally posted by skunk View Post
    Those are really neat born2fish55. I made up some of the golf ball sinkers as I have a 55 gallon garbage can of extra golfballs from my youth!!! I will try them out next time Im in tillamook and post how they work.
    Cool... always looking for the 'better mouse-trap'


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      Ok, so I made up some golf ball wts. Used some small threaded eye hooks from home depot. They are sharp enough to thread directly into the golf balls but next time I will try small pilot holes to start them. I put two in but decided one per ball will work. At the beach I tried two methods. One was to use a 3 way swivel, hook the ball directly onto the bottom part of swivel, main line off top, and leader off middle with hook about 18" out. This worked well but the hook tended to twist up a bit. Ended up having to straighten and detangle every 5 casts or so, not bad. Then tried putting the ball on a sliding swivel on mainline, with hook on leader off of a regular swivel. This worked great. And the bonus, when pulling the gear up over rocks to recast, the ball simply bounces and keeps the hook from fouling. I think the ball may be a little light so I am going to try drilling a hole and putting a hollow core piece of lead in then hotgluing the end closed. Didn't catch anything today, the surf was brutal, but this golf ball thing works very well.