Your summer trip or trips for 2011!!!!

Everyone has some planned out summer fishing trip that they want to take before summer is over. So i want to know what trip do you have planned and what fish are you after?
hate to rub it in....lucky me, im headin to the virgin islands on sunday night........... marlin, dolphin fish, barracuda, and shark better watch the hell out and keep there mouths shut...........:cool: future pictures and video will be posted.....
I will catch a striped bass from the beach in Oregon this summer. OK ...even if I don't, I'm going to try real hard, just like I did with steelhead. That took me more than one year. However, I have a plan and the time.
Troutier Bassier
I'll be staying close to home this summer.
im going to clearlake this weekend, frog bite should be hot and swimbaits.
small stream fishing with my 4wt fly rod for cutthroat. the usual ;)
Will be going to Brownlee res. June 11 to 18th. Will be fishing for catfish and crappie. I just hope by then the water will calm down a little bit and warm up. Looks like now its still 30' low for spring run off. I will be camping at Farewell Bend and the level needs to come up before the ramp is ussable. Also wanting to try pikeminnow fishing on the Columbia this year but I think I will wait until later in the season. I dont think it will be productive with the river at flood stage but maybe Im wrong.
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rippin fish lips
Summer steelheading/trout fishing on the good ole willy and mac.
I'll be taking some vacation days this summer to hit the John Day for smallies and catfish. Beyond that I'll be using every free moment to chase cutthroats on the coastal streams, but that's really nothing out of the ordinary :).
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