Your co-workers will never understand....

I found this on on Skate The Fly Blog and found it fitting...

Your co-workers will never understand.

Normal talk on Mondays at the office usually involves the usual “what did you do this weekend?” and I’ve stopped explaining my fishing excursions. I get about as far as “I went fishing” and that’s all I am going to go into it

Why? Because like I said above, they’ll never understand.

They will never understand why you begin to mentally prepare for a trip 4 days beforehand or why the top 5 web sites you visit at work are fishing blogs, fly fishing message boards, NOAA weather forecasts, river flow charts and fly shop fishing report sites.

They will never understand why a normally sane person gets up at 4 am in the winter to catch a fish that doesn’t exist but in fairy tales but you continue to do it based on blind faith alone.

Vacations for people like us have to involve some sort of fishing, doesn’t it? It wouldn’t make sense that you went Hawaii just to….relax.

Nothing against your coworkers, but we members of the fly fishing tribe are just wired a bit differently. Of course you work with a few characters that fish and want to tell you everything about the key powerbait colors that worked for them on the general fishing opener. It may goes as far as you have a client who fly fishes, but after a bit of probing you find out the extent of their feather flinging goes is limited to their annual trip to places like Rocky Ford or the town stocker lake. Even worse is the associate who proclaims to be just like you about fishing, but bemoans the fact he only caught 15 trout on his guided trip last year. I guess he wanted 30.

It’s totally ok. I am sure that most have real special weekends planned at the Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond or something like that (they aren’t sure they’d have time to go to Pier One, they’d have to check the schedule). There’s lawns to mow, gardening to do, so on and so forth.

But the reality of people like the folks who read this blog, I am making the assumption that most rational weekend activities are put on the proverbial back burner because there’s adventure out there on our rivers, lakes and streams with our names on it. There’s fish to catch that will imprint themselves on our brain with memories and experiences to last a lifetime. There’s campfire tomfoolery to be hashed out, debates on the merits of particular rods, lines, reels and flies and consumption of fine whiskey and equally as bad beer chugged.

So when the Monday morning weekend comes along and you’re asked what you did the previous weekend…..just say you went fishing and leave it at that.

Because once again, they’ll never understand.
Yeah you right they will never understand!!! I always wish i have some co-worker that i can talk some fishing with!!! some mondays specially after a epic weekend i just want to tell my excitement to somebody and nobody understands you!!! They even think you are crazy getting up really early on the weekend for a fish!!!! But i think they are even crazier cause they dont know what they are missing!!
I totally can relate!!! I have one co-worker here that goes fishing with her husband but it is only to the local stocker lakes, chuckin' powerbait and letting it sit off of the bottom until a fish comes along. In the mean time, they take a nap, read a book, or just sit there. I am glad to see that that is how they enjoy fishing, but when I start getting into the flies I tied, or the different rivers and their levels and the hatches, her eyes glaze over and she kind of goes into a trance of some sort. It is the same kind of glazed look and trance that happens when I talk my computer geek stuff with other non-geeks. hahaha :lol:

I was all excited to come into work this week end to share may experieinces from this weekend but then thought, who is going to understand me? And then I read your post eggs, and I was like "that is exactly what I am talking about!!!!".

So true....when I worked in an office full of women, they just didn't get it......same with my family...I love them to death but they just don't get it either....I think about fishing all the time...for a while I thought I had a sickness...hehe...but now I know it is a passion. My sons love that I fish but when I told them I wanted the sunglasses from the fly shop that has magnifiers at the lower half (k, my eyes arent as good as they used to be and some of those flies are really, really small), they didn't think I was an excellent new coffee pot though (mine was just a little 2 cup baby one). Now I can make 12 cups...and have it ready when I wake up in the, if anyone wants to talk fishin...I got the coffee covered :lol:

Also, I showed up at my moms yesterday on Mothers day for dinner...with the new Flyfishing and Tying Journal....they put me in the kitchen....grrrrrr
So very true! Being a member of the fairer sex it is even worse! People not understanding that is!
LOL Got up @ 5 am and went and got a ;little fishing in before all the Mother's Day activities started.
Was a great day out on the lake even with a little liquid sunshine shining all around! Got my fish and was home by 2pm. Plenty of time to do the "girly" things.
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some folks are lost souls that will find their way. others will fish power bait forever. Some folks will never learn to fish, and will be cursed to play golf, or waste away in front of a television watching some sillly team sport where players in different colored shirts chase a ball back and forth on whatever rectangle (or square turned 45 degrees) trying to get it into some sort of goal. There will be hollering and hooting from those poor lost bastards - but that's just their cried for help. I wont hear them tho, i'll be fishing, reading of fishing, or writing about fishing...
WORD. I work in a medical office, with a dozen women...Granted it's in a redneck town, but they don't live in they look at me like i'm clinically insane. It's gotten to the point where I don't have to tell them I went fishing, they just know that something I did over the weekend, somehow involved fishing, and they just go with it. And the only time I take off for vacation is directly the result of fishing plans...and they mark it on the calendar "Jeanna's gone fishing". .... At least I don't have to explain.
lilsalmon said:
Also, I showed up at my moms yesterday on Mothers day for dinner...with the new Flyfishing and Tying Journal....they put me in the kitchen....grrrrrr

Oh hell no....
when i start talking a to people at school about that stuff they just look ame like wtf is a dry fly? whats a stimulator? whats a riffle and a seam? :lol: then i explain it to them and they look even more lost.. LOL
Eggsactly! I've sat there at work many times with perhaps some kind of somber look on my face and they ask me why I'm so depressed and I answer "It's Wednesday already and I haven't decided where I'm going fishing yet" Then they give me that deer in a headlight look.
I am a miserable fly fisherman at best but I would say I have the steel headers fever like no other nobody else I work with gets it yea they all do the basic fishing stuff like no big deal I start talking about chasing winter steel with ice building up on your guides or what I go through to get to some spots or how late I stay up just thinking about the next hook up every night they dont get why I would bother build all the tackle when you can buy it in a store my favorite of all time was just the other day when I stated talking about a live wire scrappy little nate I caught on the sandy this year the one guy goes yea i caught a 12 inch rainbow that did the same thing once he didn't get it when I said not even same ball park not that they are not scrappy little buggers at times its just not the same to me and it never will be they dont know what that orange and pink stinky goo is all over the outside of my lunch box and they are shocked when I pull tackle out of about every jacket pocket I own so that is all I tell them now yea went fishin last weekend and I will probably go again this weekend
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