Yaquina Bay crabbing

I went out crabbing from shore in a spot that has been extremely productive over the last few years with 6 crabmax traps Saturday and Sunday with a total of 8 hours crabbed. We caught lots of medium to small red rock crabs and very very few dungeness of any size. We caught one keeper dungeness on the last pull yesterday. I don’t know what’s going on in Yaquina Bay but it has been terrible for months now. If your interested in crabbing, go elsewhere.
I heard rumblings towards the end of 2018 that there might have been a hypoxic event that was going to impact the Yaquina/Newport area crabbing. We had a big one off Florence about 5 years ago, killed our crabbing for almost 2 years, then it came back strong in 2017 and got back to 'normal' last year.

Coastal Pacific Oxygen Levels Now Plummet Once A Year
ODFW put some test pots down in August or September and when the pulled the pots they were full of dead crabs. Hypoxic zone killed them all. I just don’t get why the Alsea and Siletz are crabbing well. The hypoxic zone encompassed a pretty large area
At this time, I'm looking forward to getting out on Coos Bay come Monday.
My fishing/crabbing partner is finally feeling upto pulling pots after his abdominal surgery last month.