Winter crappie/spring crappie

Any advice on fishing for crappie in the winter or just in general. I saw some big crappie last year at hagg lake under the fishing pier at boat ramp c. Also saw a guy catch one the size of two hands 🙌 at the dam. I’ve caught less then I can count of my hands and all small.
Hey Fred! I am fixing to get after crappie at a nearby reservoir. Did well (for me at least) last summer and fall, and the kids are wanting more fish taco's so gonna give the winter crappie a go. From what I've researched so far slower and deeper seem to be the key's to cold water crappie. As always size can be important as well, with smaller rather than bigger being the more common adjustment. Folks catch em through the ice, so know it can be done. Just have to find where they are holding, and at what depth. Let me know how you do and I'll do the same. Maybe by sharing notes we can get em dialed in. :)
So far my three key things for crappie:

1) CrappieMagnet or TroutMagnet, plus a Crappie Nibble on the hook, and a bubble.
2) The time right before dark.
3) Return to the spot I ever caught one.
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