Willy 7/21

My buddies boat finally has the new motor on it, so we launched at wilsonville around 5pm and fished between there and newberg until 9pm. Caught 15 total with best five weighing about 9 pounds. lot's of one pound fish and a couple two pounders and my buddy caught a really nice three and half pounder by the bridge pilling, all but two were caught drop shotting in around 15-20 feet of water using robo worms, bass would only bite in the clearer water no bites in the more stained stuff. Caught two on a sexy shad crankbait towards the end of the night. All bass were of course let go to grow bigger and for the enjoyment of someone else to catch as well, Love being out on the river....
Great job!!! Sounds like a lot of fun. Don't know why but I still haven't tried drop shotting yet.
I used to NEVER drop shot....but once I started it really does work. Especially when the bite is really tough, drop back to 15-30 feet and drop shot and it's a great way to get bites. Really good bigger fish strategy as well.
Drop shotting is really the ticket for smallie fishing, so I hear. I haven't tried it much myself but I plan to on the Umpqua later this summer when my elbow heals!
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