Willey Weights

Commodore S
I've got access to all the lead, so what would be a good size to stamp out for upper willey- O.C. falls to down-town? 6 - 10 oz? Also any (honey-holes) recomended:pray: Could result in a OPEN SEAT!!!
The spot I was at yesterday I was holding tight with a 8 oz cannonball, but after that freak thunder storm probably 10.
Willy weights

Willy weights

I use mainly 8 or 10 but have gone up to 16 in some cases but not often. If you are only doing one I would go with 10.

My vote IF you could only make one size would also be 10. I generally am going from 8 - 12.

As far as honey holes, just look for deeper holes and drop off's. Just watch it if you are fishing in the deep fast waters right down from the falls. Very rocky bottom, prone to lost anchors, but they are their.

The Nothing
oh i know i can always use more 8oz lead. Its my go-to weight and use it pretty much all the time.
I agree with the above, from 6 to 10 is an average, deadline at the falls 32 OZ, boy is that fun to cast! Remember if you are using braid you can drop your weight 2 to 4 oz!

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