Willamette river insects

Inspired by bigsteel I decided to tie a realistic stonefly nymph. I decided to go to the river first and catch the nymph so I'll have a real one in front of me when I try to imitate it. I found every possible insect that could be found but stonefly nymph :) I only found a husk of a stonefly nymph. Well, maybe I should bring some kind of a net with me next time instead of trying to catch it with my bare hands? :lol:
where there are skins just pick up the rock it is on, most likley he will be hiding underneath...
I can't wait to see your creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!im gonna look for a perfect sample in the morning.......the second row on the far right is a great sample of a stonefly
bigsteel said:
I can't wait to see your creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's gonna be ugly :lol:

bigsteel said:
the second row on the far right is a great sample of a stonefly
I believe it's a tiny mayfly nymph. It's about 5 times smaller than a stone nymph I saw before and has a different color.
Well, I made the first step tonight :D
lookin great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Second row far right is the exoskeleton that the march brown dun in pic one just hatched out of. Pics 2, 5, 7 are caddis, the last a pupa. Pics 3, 4 terrestrials (beetle and ?). A truly great book on local insects is Arlen Thomason's Bugwater.
Great beginings

Great beginings

Don't forget the mighty Pink worm, from Blue Gill to Steelhead-they just can't refuse them. Nice to see you trying your hand at tying, I gave it a try but found my self making flies that no self respecting fish would dare eat. I now buy mine or get Mokai to help me out with some of his fantastic fly patterns.
Keep up the great work.:clap::clap:

Redhills lake...:cool:
Who are these little guys? Today they were all over the river.
That's a caddis fly. You should always have a few caddis patterns in your fly box. These little guys often come out in huge hatches and then its on!
Thanks for info, ZeeBorn.
Hey Anatoliy have you made any flies up to match these bugs you have been seeing and tested them out yet? If you have had they caught you anyfish yet? let us know how they work when you do.
Looking good anatoliy! I bet that march brown nymph kills at E.E. Wilson!
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