Will be on the Willy , Friday March 4. Bait?

I will be fishing the Willamette on Friday. Can anyone recommend a good bait(s)...? Can anyone tell me if they have finished the work on the St. Johns boat ramp?:think:
Bad Tuna
Smelt and sandshrimp have been top baits.
Combat Chuck
St Johns is open
Bad Tuna is spot on, and if two baits aint good enough for ya throw some squid at em! Oh and welcome to the site!
Thanks to all. I will be fishing in a 05 Hewescraft Sportsman 18 w/ Honda 75 on the back. I am the only one that has logos on the side like G-loomis, Humminbird,etc. Give me a "wave " if you see me!
Good luck if you go!
sts slayer
welcome to off
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