Wickiup and Crane! Camping, cooking, and fishing 8/8/20


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Made it to Wickiup on Friday afternoon and set up camp. We were on the Very western tip just away from the springs. Primitive

Fished crane Saturday and caught one bass, saw lots of trout, hooked up on one and lost it, had another hit a panther Martin

Fished the creeks back at camp and unfortunately only connected with one and he got off. Totally different fishing than anything I've done elsewhere. Friend of mine caught 2 and lost one.

We were hitting trout today in the face with live worms and 8# flourocarbon, not even a sniff. 20200809_131755.jpg20200808_222116.jpg20200809_125112.jpg20200808_115701.jpg20200808_105608.jpg


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