whos heading out for the deer opener in the morning?

well who is heading out in the morning. I personally think deer opener is a good day to go fishing, but yet every opener i end up in the woods. I have a soccer game in the morning, but my wife and i will hit the woods for the evening hunt, and then again sunday morning. It sounds like the weather may be shaping up for a decent opening weekend. good luck, and most of all, BE SAFE!!! Brian
no deer hunters in the forum?
How was your hunt?
well, we were out for about 6 hrs saturday evening, and spent the last hour of daylight glassing a reprod about half a mile off the road with no luck, then this morning we spent the first 3 hrs of the day walking/sitting along the top of a large reprod about a mile off the road, but the fog had our visability down to about 50 ft at times. there were lots of elk and deer in the area, and we were the only ones in there this weekend, but the fog shut us down. it even rained a little bit. almost perfect conditions. didn't see an animal though. maybe next time. Brian
capblack said:
no deer hunters in the forum?

Yes, but they're all busy this morning too. I'm out of state so I can have an excuse for not being busy.

hopefully going out with a friend on my birthday sunday, be nice to bag a deer
I was out this weekend too. And I can say there wasn't a deer stiring but I shot a cyote that is my second this year, Capblack that 30-06 really anchores a cyote thanks again hope the boat is still floating.
frodog, I have been wondering how those guns were working for you. I bought a 16 ft fiberform, but I think Im going to keep the valco and sell the big boat. Its a little tight for space, but it always starts, and theres not much to go wrong on it. I put 2 new seats, some new pole holders, a downrigger, a portable fish finder, and an electric trolling motor on it since I got it from you. It leaks a little water, but they all do. Im glad the guns are working out for you. thanks again, Brian
went out to the usual hunting in Lone Rock Oregon got mine at 7:30 in the am a llittle 1/2 mule-1/2 white tale , my buddy got his opening at 9 in the am and well the old man took him tell Monday morning hunt to get his so we did pretty good this year got 3 nice bucks .
This year they had small horns but what the heck you can't eat horns , by the way I must say the deer do taste better this year lol
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