Who's got room on their boat for Buoy 10?


Hello fellow OFF'ers Well it's that time of year again and I'm looking to get out to Buoy 10 the 16th, 17th, or 18th of this month. I have gas money and can pitch in for bait. I also have some free advice for those who care to listen about my limited experience out in that fishery. I would be most thankful :worthy: Please P.M. me or just reply to thread if you want to go kill some fish together. Thanks for your consideration.


Since you posted this, can I jump on too? any Thurs-Sat, and some Weds. Willing to help pay for gas, bait and if the owner enjoys a beer or two, some drink money. I don't know a lot, so I am fairly quiet and always listening.

Again if I am going against any etiquette let me know.

Hey Ben I will be going with a buddy either the 19,20, or 21 and I will ask if you can come. Beer is always welcome on his boat and I live in Beaverton too. No promises, but I will ask. And hey out there to everyone else still looking for some Buoy 10 action. I am still available 16,17 and 18

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