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Well this new posting system is strange, no where to just post OFF topic?
Anyway, yesterday I became a "GREAT" Granpa!!!! Ben was born yesterday afternoon.......Cigars are on me! When this Virus is gone.
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Nice to see some yang for all the yin we're seeing these days. Birth is more fun than the end of the line. It is gratifying, even to a complete stranger, to see life beginning.

Now, so we don't get ALL sentimental, I'll send you my address for the cigar; I prefer Cuban coronas! JOKE!
Great Grand Kids are great, My grandsons partner was in the hospital with their daughter and it was close to our 49th anniversary. I told the mother she could not have it on that day and was asked why? My answer was simple, the child needed a birthday of her own, so what happens
...........our great granddaughter was born on our 49th anniversary. Now don't get me wrong I Like parties etc. but my brothers wifes granddaughter was the same day as mine but my brother could never come to my birthday celebration because he HAD to go to the granddaughters, no choice. That upset me. Ya I know a bit selfish of me but it hurt.