where is eagle creek

So I want to go check out eagle creek. I have heard that there are two. Is it the one off of 84 or the one by estacada?
Yup, two is correct, but if you are looking for the big Coho fishery, it is the one near Estacada. You can access it most easily at Bonnie Lure Park, off of Dowty Rd. The parking lot is tiny, just off the side of the road, but if you can wade, you are better off. Right under the bridge is the elbow to elbow, "piss and vinegar" hole where all the folks fishin it are full of it. I know it has a name, but that is what we've called it for a while. FRom Dowty Bridge, you can wade down all the way to the Creek's confluence with the Clackamas. Also as you head into Estacada on 224 you can turn off and head up to Eagle Fern Park, and the Fish Hatchery. Lots of places there to park, and fish, but be aware Eagle Creek is 99% private property, so be careful where you fish.
there is also a bridge on eagle creek rd , if you turn off 224 at the eagle fern park sign , then trun right on eagle creek rd and go twords estacada , there is a concrete bridge where you can park off to the left before the bridge . You can only park and fish on that side , to the left , just before the bridge . I have had bad experiences there tho , I call it the "poop bridge" for good reason ... :(

if you cross the creek to the other side then you will be on private property and the owner gets really irritated cause its a well known snag hole and people leave guts all over the shore .
The "poop hole bridge," it is true, that place is like a toilet with running water. I freakin hate that place, and it was the only place where I have felt out gunned by crazies over sane folks... And by the way, Eagle Creek get over crowded on the week ends, so arrive early, and try to get a good spot...
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AA - He is talking about the next bridge up from dowty.

Both are poop holes full of snaggers and litter/garbage.

I for one am glad to see OSP making a daily appearance at Dowty this year. If only they would start writing tickets to the guys that hook set every cast!
I know, I have been there twice last year with my neighbor, I was just along for the ride after a shootin trip, but it was a total poop hole for sure. At Bonnie Lure I just shut my trap, and mind my own business, and stealth out my fish to draw no attention. I have had one or two uncomfortable moments with folks, but nothing to worry about...yet. I'm just stoked to get fish that are so spooked. 2 mas today. Late Morning, 30.18. Around to the right of the con.
thanks guys appreciate it!
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