When in doubt..go Deschutes


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The dog not looking too interested.. nice fish. Figuring out the fly rod is fun. If your close enough, Fall River has some 'bows swimming around.


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On a Prince nymph picked up from Fin&Fire in Redmond yesterday. Yeah dog is well...quite the princess until the camera comes out, then its.. Nope! Not interested in your photography! Shes terrible hunting (like owner) but best river dog I've known, which is saying something for a heeler IMO.
@troutdude thanks! I'm a fanatical fungiphile, which helps when the fishing/hunting is lackluster
@markasd I really have been meaning to check out Fall River with a fly rod. It was packed with anglers this Summer so I didnt bother but imagine its fairly tranquil during the Winter.


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Well I have to admit its been 15-20 yrs since I fished it, and in typing that I now feel old! lol
Winter in snow was a blast and didnt see folks let alone foot tracks.. they plow the road right up to that last set of homes below camp ground so access was good.
Good luck and post up a pic or two of that river if ya would, kinda miss that place.


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So did you go to Lower Bridge? Prince nymph was a good choice hairs ear and pheasant tail nymphs work well to. As for the dog, well I think she might prefer wooly buggers.
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