What's your single most favorite trout stick?

Pretty straight up question - and a good easy discussion.

Mine, without a doubt, is my Grigg made North X Northwest (old GI Joes house brand) 8' 4 weight. It's a lovely light little stick with what orvis would call a "full flex" action - everyone else used to just call it a slow action. Lovely rod to cast - it'll push a 40 foot cast out easily and delicately, it roll casts very nicely - and it makes every fish, even the dinks, feel big.

The rod is well made for an Asian manufactured import. For the last 4 or 5 years, it's worn a Ross Flywater #1 reel - and I underline it with a Scientific Anglers DT # 3 floater.

I've had this rod now for about 6 years or so - and I'm never, ever going to part with it. I can fish dries, nymphs (not really gracefully, but it does it) and small streamers, as well as toss small poppers and sliders for bass and panfish.

It's definitely the best $100 I've ever spent on a single rod.

I can't wait for the water and weather to warm and have the panfish moving in shallow to spawn - and come May, we're going to be flogging the little creeks and streams from Clackamas County to the coast chasing wild rainbows and cutties.



I've had other rods that cost the same or more - but none of them, with the exception of my little TFO 2 weight, ever made me smile as much to fish with.
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Great topic!

My favorite is a Fenwick Ferralite 4-piece 6 wt. or 2 - 6 lb. mono fiberglass rod (combo fly / spin). I found it at a yard sale, circa mid-90's, for $10 or $15. The rod had the original steel guides, and was in MINT condition. I was pleased as punch to find it; but what I did next was even better (maybe not to a purist or collector, but it was to me).

My rod found it's way over to my buddy Brad's home/shop. Brad used to work w/ Mitch (owner of Two River's Fly Shop), at Anderson's Sporting Goods in Corvallis. Brad had evolved into a pretty darn good rod builder. So, I paid the man to remove the old steel guides, and re-wrap the rod with new Fuji ceramic guides.

The finished product was done so well, that it looked like it came from the factory, and I had just purchased it new. Brad's craftsmanship blew my mind!!! I think I have something like $35 - $45 in it altogether and I LOVE that rod! Talk about flexible...wow! (I own several other Fenwick glass rods too, but all are spinning or casting rods and this a fly fishing section).

Brad...you are the man. I will cherish that rod forever; and whomever I someday will that rod too will know the story. RIP my friend.
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I have a 4wt grigg that I would have to say is my favorite fro trout under 10".
My rods are like my children... I love them all the same.. each one just has a different charm... however, my Hardy 5wt glass is in very strong compt with my wright &mcgill trailmaster conversion rod.. each has its place-
oh, by the way... it always makes me smile to see a Ross on an affordable rod.. its a very wise desicion set-up wise, man the Ross Gunisson and the Hardy Perfect have to be the finest trout reels ever built-
Normally I wouldn't have spent way more on a reel than I would for a rod - but that Ross was just TOO good not to. It replaced my much loved Orvis Rocky Mountain casette reel. I dropped the Orvis one too many times on a rock - and it busted the handle right off, and Orvis no longer made that model at that point - or anything like it. So I went down to Kaufmann's one day to browse - trying to find a reel with the features I wanted:

Mid or large arbor
Silent or very quiet strip/retrieve
Light enough to balance the rod
Metal frame and spool

Ross was THE only choice I could afford - and I couldn't be happier with it. I'm in love with that little reel.

I abhor cheap "graphite" or plastic fly reels - never had one that was worth a damn. When I was 17 I bought a Cabela's Three Forks combo - the 7'6" 3 piece 3 weight. I LOVED that rod - I HATED the rest of the crap it came with. The reel seized up tight as a drum. The crappy bargain basement Rio line it came with was junk also - I threw both in the trash, and promptly bought the Orvis reel, with an Orvis Hy Flote #3 double taper line to match. The reel cost IIRC $75 back then, the line was $50 - and the rod, if I'd bought it alone, was about $70. Should've pieced a combo together myself and saved the money for the junk that went in the trash.

Since then, I've decided that I will have good reels on any rod I fish (good doesn't have to mean expensive, but I've yet to see an expensive reel be junk) - and I won't compromise and fish crap lines either.

I admit - I've lusted after a Gunnison more than once. If I ever decide to go crazy and drop $200 or more on a flyrod, I'm probably going to drop the coin for a Gunnison to go with it - and when/if I ever get the coin for a nice 'boo rod - it's almost mandatory that it wears a Hardy reel. But I'm no where near the point of dropping one to three grand on a rod yet. :)
my favorite i have ever used is my (soon to be throbbitshanes) 7' ml g.loomis gl2 i pretty much grew up fishing with... bass or trout that one was the most fun, i used to just use a small pflueger trion 1000 i think
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