What kind of trucks do You like to pull your fishing boat with

I have a 94 f150 xlt 4x4 short bed reg cab to pull my 98 custom weld sled that at the truck weigh station has an axle wight of 3400lbs. My truck has 188+K miles on it. I will keep it going as long as it will keep going. I was thinking someday it will need replacing. I was thinking of going to a newer 3/4ton truck. Any suggestions. I really like the looks of the dodge 2003-2009 2500/3500. Money will be the biggest consideration.
I pull my sled (9000lb) with a 2000, 7.3L diesel, F-350 dually. I get 17 empty and about 10 towing. It doesn't have the power of the newer rigs but it's reliable, paid for, and doesn't have all the emissions garbage on it. Oh and I love it. It's only got 125K so it has a lot of life left in it and I don't drive it much.

The year of Dodge you're looking at are decent rigs. I'm a diesel guy but there is nothing wrong with a gasser either. You can never have too much truck!

Good luck in your search.
97 Chevy Silverado 2500 6.5 Diesel 20mph standard drops to 15 towing my 16ft trihull. I use this vehicle to tow everything including the tractor when it needs to go to the shop.
1997 Ford F-350 Crew Cab. Bought it new in November of 1996. Just got it broke in now with 200,000 miles. Has the 7.3 power stroke diesel. I pull a 5000lbs 22' Larson and get 15 mpg. With out towing my mpg depends on how heavey my foot gets. at 55 to 60 mph (just under 2000 rpm) I will average 19 mpg. At 65 to 70 mpg and over 2000 rpms the fuel consumption goes up fast! I pay more attention to the rpms that speed, I'm not in much of a hurry anymore. I like the long wheel base for road trips and pulling. In a parking lot that long wheel base is a pain in the neck! I went with the one ton because they didn't make a 3/4 ton crew cab back in 1996. I think I'll stay with the one ton truck for the next one I get in 2016, I want to get my moneys worth out of this one! The only thing I hate about the truck is the location of the coffee cup holder....I'd like it to be where Dodge put theirs. Dodge does make some nice looking trucks.
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good info

good info

thanks so far and please keep the replies coming. I want to hear both positives and negatives.
my favorite tow rigs would be a chevy 1/2 or 3/4 ton with the pre vortec 350 (throttle body fuel injected) my 92 1/2 ton extended cab got 18 mpg empty and about 15 towing a 17 ft open bow. power to fuel milage was the best ive heard of in a gas truck, though my 96 extended cab 1/2 ton with the 350 (vortec) got about 12 if i was lucky and that was empty. Now im towing my boats with an 86 f250 that has a fresh 460 and c6 tranny( i believe), and it tows fine, has plenty of power, has a custom 4 tone paint job( due to some body work), and it gets about 15 gallons to the mile, ok its not that bad, probably 10 to 12 mpg i would guess, but it gets the job done, never leaves me stranded, and the best part is, i only paid $600 for it. so i get more money to put in the boat. In my opinion as far as new trucks go, other than being grossly over priced in my opinion, they all have good and bad points, just do some research and get the one that fits you best. Brian
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