Weyerhauser closing siletz gorge! ?

O. mykiss

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Weyerhauser as many know, has purchased Plumb Creek Timber who formerly owned the land on the upper portion of the Siletz river. They have now posted it as no trespassing and are a installing a new gate closer to moonshine park than the present one. From my understanding they will be implementing their access fee program here. This is a special fishery that is owned by the citizens of Oregon and not Weyco! This will eliminate 12 prime miles of bank access and most bank access in the siletz basin. We need to stand together and petition that their corporate tax breaks that are in place for granting public access are removed. Please sign the petition and post in on Facebook, spread the word. We cannot let this happen! Here is the link to the petition.



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I've heard about this.

I'm not a lawyer, but I'm wondering if longtime users can file a prescriptive easement/adverse possession claim?

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I think that anyone from any state can sign the petition. So let's stop thease kind of restrictions from getting a foothold in the process.So all of you sign-up. your state may be next. Tony


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This really sucks. I signed. I go there maybe two or three times a year but I'm not willing to pay just to walk in for a few hours.

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Come on guys and gals!!!!!! If this happens in your area I would support your cause! I belive in this community that helps others. Thanks Tony


How is it still legal to permit potential destruction to spawning habitat of multiple ESA listed species?


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Done.I also heard that they may not allow access to the coos without a permit.Last year you could go 8 miles in between Jan and Mar for fishing with no fee..... LIKE THEY NEED THE MONEY!:mad-new:

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I don't know how to re-post to another forum. Maybe O Mykiss could do it or anybody else. can? If I knew how I would post it in all forums. Tony


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So what? Good for them. Tired of the area being filled with trash and abandoned cars and sketchy people. The fees allow them to weed non desirable people out and help keep the land clean and managed. I will gladly purchase a permit and stand by the decision they have made.