West Linn heating up

Been going out there every now and then after it opened back up and only been catching 1 maybe 2 shakers or 1 keeper size. Went out there last week just before the rain came through and the bite was doing really well. I got 8 and hooked up 5 more times but either got snagged or broke the line. Most were in the 20-40" range and only one 93" monster.



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NIce! Are you allowed to keep sturgeon fishing off that dock? when is a good time to go? Is winter good for sturgeon?
Its below the falls so no retention allowed. I went today and got 6, all small though 25"-35" range. I have always done the best during late February-April time. In the time I was out there today I was getting around 10-15 with 1-2 oversized during that time earlier this year. However they are biting out there right now and going to be getting better until the water become unfishable with harsh currents and tons of debris. PM if you want any extra specifics GL.
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