Waterproof cameras

Hello all,
does anyone here have a waterproof camera or waterproof housing?
do you like it?
which make/model?

I am looking at the Cannon D10, but havent made up my mind yet.
Here is the one i have. Nice photos. rugged. waterproof up to 30ft.

Olympus Stylus 720 SW Digital camera - 7.1 Megapixel - 3 x optical zoom

the only problem is that the view screen gets scratched up easy. it doesn't really bother me because it doesn't effect the photos.

here is a photo with it
have you thought about a thin screen for the LCD?
I have an Invisible Shield™
I have one on my iphone and it is pretty bulletproof.

I leave my phone in a dry bag while I am on the water. so I don't know how well it will hold up underwater, but I'm sure you could find some protective film that would
by the time i thought of that it was too late...... :(
I also have an Olympus Stylus and love it. I have an older one(don't remember the model off hand) and the have never had a problem with it. After 3 years of it going on countless fishing trip I have yet to scratch the view screen and I never even use the carring case.

What ever camera you decide on make sure you get a wrist strap that will float the camera. Mine have went over board twice now so I was very glad it floats.
Dan Feller
I also have an Olympus Stylus, mine is a 770 SW. I have really enjoyed it. It is compact, nearly indestructible, and goes 30' underwater! It takes pretty decent pictures for a point-and-shoot, especially considering all the lens components are inside the body. I bought a silicone skin for mine, it keeps it from getting scratched and adds a bit more shock resistance.

These are a few pictures I've taken with it. They aren't full resolution as I have dial-up internet service (gonna have to spring for satellite internet one of these days...) but they give you an idea.
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I bought a Pentax W20 a number of years ago. It has been a great little camera. It has been with me under the water :rolleyes: That is another story. It has taken all my falls and tumbles. I keep it tethered to a clip on 36 inch lanyard on my vest. In the boat I like to clip my Orange floaty to it. Nothing worse than to watch your camera sinking to the bottom of the lake that is 100+ feet deep. Again another story. :rolleyes:


Good Luck with what ever you decide to buy.
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Olympus really has the format/controls down pat compared to the other cameras at the bottom price points.

After viewing YouTube - Bull Trout eating a Cutthroat Trout I nearly bought whatever is the latest model this year, but... the movie mode isn't widescreen yet. So I'm waiting until next year to see if they fix that little feature.
D10 for the win...

D10 for the win...

Well I pulled the trigger a Canon PowerShot D10.
can't wait to get some underwater pics
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That Canon looks nice, now if only my Olympus 850sw would develop a leak so I could justify a new camera! My current non-waterproof Canon beats the pants off the Olympus image quality wise, so if I could get both in one package that would be awesome.
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